What does it cost me to become a Jewellery Designer?
There is a one off payment you will make to purchase your kit.  Once you have your kit you are free to start to sell.

When can I start to sell?
You may start to sell as soon as you receive your kit.  All the information you will require will be in your kit.  Pointers, tips and guidelines will be available for you on our intranet for Jewellery Designers.

How soon until I receive my kit?
Please allow 7 days for your kit to be dispatched to you.  We use regular Australia Post mail with tracking to deliver your kit to you or sometimes a courier depending upon your location.

Can I choose which charms, lockets, chains and disks I get in my kit?
Yes you can.  You tell us what you think you can sell best and we will provide for you.

Am I able to host a Social Inn?
Of course you can.  It’s a fabulous way to get started and introduce your products to friends and family.   You will still get the standard 30% commission on any social inn you run.  You won’t be entitled to the Social Inn owners reward.

I already have a job somewhere else, can I also be a Jewellery Designer?
Yes, we would love to have you and anybody else on board who has a desire to run their own business and live their dreams.  We do not discriminate against anyone.  This may be your fulltime occupation or your partime gig.  You work the business into your lifestyle.

How and when do I get paid?
We will pay you via paypal or bank deposit.  We pay monthly on the 15th of the month or the nearest weekday if the 15th falls on a weekend.

How does the commission structure work?
We pay a flat rate to you of 30% of all sales.  This covers all of our products too.  Anyone that you refer to us will also bring you a monetary payment too of $200.  Conditions on the payment do apply in order for you to receive the payment.  They must complete 5 Social Inns before you receive the payment.

Do I have to host a certain amount of parties each month?
No, that is the most attractive thing about our company.  It’s up to you to control how you run your own business.  You work the hours that suit you and your family commitments.  Earn as much or as little as you like.  You control your own destiny.

Do I have to sell a certain amount of products each month or at each party to qualify for my commission?
No, you will receive the rate on everything you sell.    You don’t have to sell a certain amount of products.  You get paid on everything you sell.

What support and guidance will be given to me?
We will have a designated area on our website for our Jewellery Designers.  Our Intranet will host a swarm of information to assist and guide you and help you grow your business.  We run regular sessions for our Designers to help answer questions and concerns and provide valuable information.

May I purchase other items to boost my kit?
You sure can, we will allow you to purchase extra items for your kit at wholesale prices.   There are limits on wholesale prices.

What happens next?
Click on the link below and submit your interest in becoming a jewellery designer.    We will be in touch and get you started on your way to living your dreams and reaching your goals.

Link to becoming a Jewellery Designer