Host a DIY Lava Rose Birthday Party

Are you looking for something different for your daughters party?   We ship you the kit with everything in it to make your daughters special day a memorable one.  You run the party in the comfort of your own home without a Lava Rose Party host.

It doesn’t matter where you live.  We can ship the kit to you anywhere in Australia.

Our parties are unique, stylish and fun.  The concept is new to Australia so you can be assured that no one else you know should have had one of our fun parties unless you were referred by someone else.  🙂

So, what do you get?
We include everything you need in the kit apart from food and the birthday cake.  It’s that simple; we provide the games, prizes, lockets and everything you need to make the party fun and interesting.

You can choose from the $25 or $32 per person party option.  The difference is the size of the locket.

Below is a rundown on what you get for the party.

  • Pre-determined amount of lockets, charms and chains that will be required.  This is based on how many numbers you have at the party.  You choose the charms that you think will be applicable to the girls.  We do have pre-made kits for those who are happy to leave it to us to provide the charms that we think are appropriate for the age group.
  • All the packaging that will be required for the girls to take away their lockets on the day.
  • Disposable table cloth
  • Disposable plates, cups.
  • Loot Bags to place their prizes inside of
  • Flyers for the table to demonstrate how to make up the lockets.
  • Step by step guide on how to build the lockets
  • Flyer outlining what the lockets and chains are made from
  • Supermarket voucher to purchase the food for the party.  (You choose what you would like).  Amount you receive is based on total guests at the party.
  • Birthday card for the birthday girl & a gift
  • You choose the games from a list that we have available.  We will send you everything you need to run the game including prizes for the games
  • Writing pads and pens for the girls to decide which charms they prefer.
  • We will provide some ideas too on how you can easily determine which charms go to which girl. 

Your kit is shipped to you by courier service or Australia Post.

Where to from here???   Contact us and we can provide further details.